Thursday, September 23, 2021

Tracey Cheung

Do as I say, not as I do: the struggle to follow your own advice

From a cardiologist with a penchant for snacks to a life coach coping with burnout, five professional advice-givers share their difficulties walking the talkby Tracey CheungSat...

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18 Amazing Animal & Insect Books for Kids

Whether it’s the little plush animals they can’t leave home without or the nature documentary outside your window (aka...
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A New Formula May Help Black Patients’ Access to Kidney Care

The prior algorithm adjusted calculations for Black patients—making it harder for them to qualify for transplants and other treatments.For decades, doctors and hospitals saw...

Marissa Jo Cerar’s Series Adaptation of “Black Cake” Lands at Hulu Following Bidding War, Oprah Producing

Marissa Jo Cerar is taking Charmaine Wilkerson’s upcoming debut novel, “Black Cake,” to Hulu. Following “a heated bidding war” with other streamers, Hulu has...

Respected Washington Painter Alden Mason Finally Gets a Retrospective—It’s a Vibrant Jolt of Color

I think Alden Mason's "Montezuma" should be the cover of a PNW punk band's EP. Bellevue Arts Museum/Emilie SmithIf you look at Alden Mason’s...

Trailer Watch: Kristen Stewart Enters the Oscar Race with Her Portrayal of Lady Di in “Spencer”

Told to “stand very still and smile a lot,” Kristen Stewart begins to crumble under mounting pressure at the Queen’s Sandringham Estate in a...