Friday, June 10, 2022

Joshua Needelman

Like a bully in the school yard, Fox News sets its sights on the anti-work movement

Like a bully in the school yard, Fox News sets its sights on the anti-work movementHost Jesse Watters wasted no time in painting the Reddit thread’s moderator as a clumsy, ‘lazy’ caricature In 2013, the subreddit r/antiwork was...

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Harvey Weinstein’s L.A. Trial Set for Oct. 10

Harvey Weinstein’s second trial on rape and sexual assault charges will begin in Los Angeles on Oct. 10, attorneys...
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‘Joyland’ Review: Unexpected Trans-Cis Romance Blossoms in a Luminous Pakistani Crowdpleaser

Discouraged identities and taboo desires emerge tentatively into the open in “Joyland,” but unlike in a many a coming-out drama, there’s no identified villain...

Introducing Kayla Watts: How DeWanda Wise Created the ‘Jurassic World’ Version of Han Solo

On Monday night, “Jurassic World Dominion” DeWanda Wise posed outside the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, taking in the emotions around unveiling her brand-new...

Marcelo Gomes’ ‘Paloma’ Among 35 World Premieres at Munich Film Festival

The 39th edition of the Munich Film Festival, which runs June 23-July 2, will screen 120 films from 52 countries, including 35 world premieres,...

Eddie Benjamin Talks ‘Weatherman’ Single, Touring With (and Being Mentored by) Justin Bieber

Eddie Benjamin insists that his first word was “guitar.” “I know that sounds really stupid, but even before I played music told me...