Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Robert Whale

Ferguson sues agencies over archive relocation decision | Bellevue Reporter

“Decision to close the National Archives in Seattle has far-reaching impacts across the Northwest.”

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Sustainable Farming Has an Unlikely Ally: Satellites

The race to remove CO2 from our atmosphere is on. In an effort to draw down carbon at a...
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Petivity Smart Litterbox Monitor Review: Helpful Health Alerts

I can't stop tracking my cats' bathroom habits. Now that I've been using Purina's Petivity Smart Litterbox Monitor, I know what time they visit...

The Pandemic Uncovered Ways to Speed Up Science

The pandemic highlighted broad problems in research: that many studies were hyped, error-ridden, or even fraudulent, and that misinformation could spread rapidly. But it...

The Hunt for the Dark Web’s Biggest Kingpin, Part 1: The Shadow

Shortly before AlphaBay took over the dark web's top spot, Alpha02 had changed his username on the site to merely “admin” and announced that...

Rita Ora & Taika Waititi Set to Co-Host 2022 MTV EMAs

Rita Ora and writer, director, and actor Taika Waititi will host the 2022 MTV EMAs, which are set to broadcast live from Düsseldorf, Germany on Sunday,...