Monday, October 24, 2022

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Worried About Nuclear War? Consider the Micromorts

Putting a percentage on the likelihood of a nuclear disaster can feel icky—like you’re boiling down the immensity of...
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Apple’s App Review Fix Fails to Placate Developers

The new appeals process can save an app after it has been rejected, but developers say the most frustrating and time-consuming aspects of Apple’s...

Hot on the Trail of a Mass-School-Shooting Hoaxer

Four times in the past year, the parents, teachers, and police officers of the small, neighboring Minnesota cities of Cloquet and Esko briefly believed...

‘Doctor Who’ Needs to Get Over Itself

Doctor Who’s whole existence has been that of a metamorphosing thing. Due in part to the show’s baked-in rubrics of time travel and regenerating...

12 Best Horror Shows to Binge for Halloween

It used to be that horror on television was tame. It was PG-ish stuff like Scooby-Doo and The Twilight Zone. Good fare, but these...