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Seattle Public Relations’ Julian Valentine Talks Tech & Evolution

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It’s been almost a decade since search optimization genius Julian Valentine made his mark in the competitive world of PR by heading up ​Seattle Public Relations​. SEO mogul Valentine, whose nickname is “Juice-Code,” has helped morph Seattle Public Relations from a small business launched in 1994 to the most highly coveted PR firm in the Northwest.

With a customer-friendly approach and the help of a team of search engineers that know Google like the back of their hands, Valentine continues to impact the industry and the way PR firms operate. Seattle Public Relations has developed a system that works so well it has become the talk of the digital marketing world, the majority of their clients being other advertising firms around the world who want the inside scoop on how to offer the firms “special sauce” to their own clients.

In many ways, traditional print is old news. The digital world is thriving; however, many corporations are unsure how to best tackle the online world, which is why Valentine’s knowledge and expertise make him one of the most highly sought marketing executives around. His system of digital branding through reviews and articles is innovative, and the technology is working. It’s a new type of branding and advertising tailored to separate their own clients from comparable competitors through coding and digital marketing; building an influential and trustworthy brand online for those who seek his assistance.

Valentine himself takes a managerial approach to his responsibilities and loves working personally with his clients to solve their problems and, in turn, create revenue. His ability to help clients every step of the way and dissolve any confusion they might have means that Seattle Public Relations exceeds expectations where other companies fall short.

With a reassuring “doctor’s office” style approach, Valentine personally takes the time out of his busy schedule to answer questions and assure clients that they will receive the exceptional results they have paid for. He emphasizes the importance of individually walking through the process with his clients.

It’s of the utmost importance to Valentine that he leads his team by example, never hesitating to roll up his sleeves and work collaboratively on any campaign or commercial. While immersing himself in all aspects of his business, he never ceases to support his clients and help them troubleshoot any problem they may be facing. This hands-on and thorough approach guarantees his creativity and expertise touches everything the firm produces.

Valentine understands that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to PR, and consistently tweaks his methods for each individual client to maintain and establish their presence in the top listings. He is the cornerstone of Seattle Public Relations and works with all types of businesses to help them achieve their goals.

On a more personal level, Valentine enjoys spending time with his large extended family. He finds the time to partake in outdoor activities as well as dedicating himself to serving his church. He’s heavily involved with Seattle Revival, a grassroots revival ministry in Enetai, Bellevue. Valentine was kind enough to free up his busy schedule to talk about his approach to advertising and how his role as Vice President has built a convincing foundation for Seattle Public Relations.

Hi Julian, thank you for taking some time out of your busy schedule to sit down with me for a few minutes and talk about Seattle Public Relations and what you do there.

Of course, it’s my pleasure. Sorry that it took me so long to finally coordinate a time where we could meet, I have been pretty busy lately with everything I’m working on. I’m one of those people who are always on the go and constantly working even when I’m not in the office. My job as Vice President at Seattle Public Relations is mainly to oversee the operations on a daily basis and make sure that everything is flowing smoothly. That includes sometimes calling clients myself and just talking to them about how everything is going and how the service we are providing them with is. I want to make sure that my team is delivering the desired results for each individual client we deal with on a daily basis. Orchestrating it all can be quite challenging sometimes, but when a client sends us an email about how happy they are it makes it all worth it.

How did you get involved with Seattle Public Relations?

Well, that’s actually an interesting question, I’m really happy that you asked me that. It actually started with some divine circumstances that brought me to the company. I had been doing Internet marketing for a long time, with several different companies over the years, but there was always something that didn’t go with what my vision was. So I had made the decision to start my own digital marketing company and do things the way I wanted to do them, putting an emphasis on providing the best customer service as possible. While I was in the process of creating the blueprint for my company, I came across a friend of mine who was also involved in digital marketing who needed some help growing his public relations company. I knew right away that I had the opportunity to come in and take my skills and marketing knowledge to the next level, and my plans that I had to build my own company were put on hold for a greater purpose. I feel that God put this deal together for me and I am now focused on making Seattle Public Relations the best public relations firm on the web.

What makes you such an expert when it comes to marketing on the Internet?

I grew up surrounded by family that worked for both Microsoft and Google, so I’ve always been drawn towards technology. I have always been around computers watching the Internet grow and develop as I got older. I knew a long time ago that the future of advertising would eventually become digital and that is now becoming the reality every year. The more traditional forms of advertising are being replaced by digital ads on websites and search engines. I have been studying these trends and forms of digital marketing for years, understanding what does and does not work. It’s all about finding out how you can increase your ROI and getting the most bang for your buck. I’ve basically got it perfected down to a science!

What does Seattle Public Relations mean to you?

Seattle Public Relations is the embodiment of the tech world packaged into a creative and refreshing approach to public relations. We like using an out of the box approach compared to ineffective traditional methods by putting technology first and then utilizing the tools we have available to enhance your brand based on the unique traits of each individual business. We are better than any other firm out there because of our commitment to superior customer service and support, combined with the newest and most innovative forms of marketing on the web. Living in the Northwest we have such an amazing culture and attitude that breathes creativity, and we use that presence to our advantage when preparing a campaign for our clients.

How would you describe Seattle Public Relations in only three words and why?

Narrowing it down to only three words is difficult because we do so many different things here. But if I were to sum it all up in a few words it would be innovative, ambitious, and professional. Innovative because we are always on the cutting edge as far as our branding and marketing techniques. Ambitious describes how we are willing to go above and beyond for our clients with the bigger picture always in mind. And most importantly is professional because no matter how small or big a campaign, we always treat people with the most personal experience possible and make them feel special.

Why do you think Seattle Public Relations is outperforming competing PR companies?

That’s a good question, I’m glad you asked me that. Compared to some of the other advertising agencies out there, we are relatively new. We are not stuck using traditional methods that other firms have been using for years; instead we focus on cutting edge techniques that are yet to be implemented by most other marketing companies. We focus on what really works, and today everything is shifting towards the Internet. That’s why we focus mainly on digital marketing and building your brand on the web. Having a solid digital footprint creates a path for others to follow when customers are searching for the products or services that you offer. The bottom line is that we know what works and we pass that along to our customers. That’s why we have so many happy clients who shine online.

How did you get to where you are today, as vice president of the company?

Being Vice President of Seattle Public Relations is very complex, and not your traditional role. I oversee many different divisions on a daily basis and also work with our clients on a personal level as well. I don’t like being limited in any area of my professional or personal life, I like to push the limits and see what happens. What I mean is, I have always wanted to push myself and others to do more than just the standard. I want to exceed expectations where most companies fall short, and to take not only our business to the next level but our clients as well. By having this attitude, I achieved success where others failed. I caught the attention of several companies but felt like the best fit for me and my vision was with Seattle Public Relations, a local company preparing to do big things in the marketing and advertising world.

What is your mission statement as vice president of the company?

At Seattle Public Relations we work together to solve problems for our clients, and we work with you, not for you. Our goal is to deliver an engaging experience for our customers and to achieve that we collaborate not only within our team, but with the customer as well. I have enough confidence in the skills and abilities of my team members that I can apply their input even if it goes against my original plan. We have a very collaborative work environment here. I believe in having an open relationship with our clients so that we can tailor a marketing plan based on the specific traits of each business to establish a brand. Every business has different needs that we customize a solution for based on what will work for them, not just what everybody else is doing.

How have you made a difference for Seattle Public Relations and their accomplishments?

We use a tailored and hands-on approach for clients and everyone here at the office contributes in one way or another. I try not to take too much credit because it’s a team-oriented approach here, and I just direct and focus the efforts of our office. I feel I have brought a customer-friendly approach to our firm, whereas a lot of the public relations or advertising companies out there focus mainly on just getting the work done and moving on. I don’t just sit back and direct others what to do, I try and lead by example. I want to make sure that not only are our clients seeing the results that they hired us for, but that we make them feel important and that we walk them through the process. I always try and take time out of my day to answer questions and solve problems personally, even if I have a full schedule for the day.

How would you like to be remembered in the world of marketing?

I want to be remembered as someone who was constantly looking for new ways to impact and revolutionize how digital marketing and advertising is done online and in the real world. I want people to feel like I really made an impact for their business or brand, and that the digital footprints I create for them will make a lasting impression forever!

What excites you about the future of Seattle Public Relations?

Well technically speaking Seattle Public Relations is the future, as far as digital marketing and public relations. So just being part of rebranding an established industry is exciting in itself. Being located here in the Pacific Northwest with some of our neighbors being tech companies such as Microsoft and Google, we are living a more technically advanced culture than the rest of the country. I know it sounds crazy, but I actually enjoy learning about the future of advertising and where it’s headed, so I’m constantly teaching myself and staying updated with the new and cutting edge techniques available to dominate in the online world of advertising. Because of my constant efforts to stay on top of the latest trends, Seattle Public Relations gets to harness that energy and passion and deliver our clients the most effective forms of marketing available. When all advertising and marketing firms eventually begin to go digital, we want to be one step ahead and be established players in the game.

Is there something new you and your team are working on?

Actually it’s interesting that you asked me that. We have several projects that we are currently working on that will revolutionize the way marketing is done. The old ways of marketing are slowly fading away, making way for an endless possibility of new and exciting methods that will engage people on a whole new frontier. I can’t disclose what we are working on, but trust me once we are finished people will want to hire us because of what we can do for them and their business. We are currently a small team of extremely talented individuals who see the vision and will expand and grow when the time is right. Until then feel free to stop by our office in old town Bellevue sometime and say hello!

Thank you so much for your time, Julian. I have learned a lot about you and your company. I wish you the best of luck in your journey towards continuous success.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it. It was great speaking with you.

Constantly improving, make sure to keep an eye on Valentine and his company, ​Seattle Public Relations​. I have no doubt they will be doing big things for the future of public relations and marketing.

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